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Staff Ranks
Executive Staff/Server operator level

Owner Angelty/Tyler 
  1. He one the lead the staff with help of his co-Owner Jess7040 
  2. he's the one pays for the server and hosting of the website
  3. Make make final call on all bans
  4. He is the one in charge of running the Craftium Reborn website
Co-owner Jess7040. 
  1. She's the helps Angelty with decisions making on on the server and website
  2. She has console access to the minecraft server
  3. She can promoted or demoted any staff members to any ranks
  4. She is in charge of running the Craftium reborn minecraft server
Admins+ Tigerlord_ - 
  1. He is the right hand of Jess7040.  
  2. When both Jess7040 or Angelty is not on the server, he's the highest ranking staff member on the server
  3. He is second to last stop when dealing with problems between situation of staff and players
  4. He one in charge of the Craftium Reborn Discord server (Discord Server)

Senior staff

Website Administrator (website Admin) 
  1. They are one that help run the website with Executive staff
  2. They provided Support to Jess7040 and Tigerlord_ when Angelty/Tyler is not there
Sever Administrators (admins)- 
  1. They provide the support to executive level Staff. 
  2. They also provide aid in to the Moderators rank below them 

Moderator plus (mod+) - They Senior Moderators with few more powers then regular mods

Junior Staff

Moderator (mod) - They keep the peace between players and staff member.  They're first staff member that most  players will go too

Helper (Helper)- They are regular players with basic moderation powers.  They able to kick and mute players.

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