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General Rules

  1. Please respect other user's ideas or topic no flame wars

  2. if you have issue with another user/player please used the private message feature to talk with each other or pm on the staff member

  3. treat the Website Staff member and their decisions with respect.  they are here to server the community to be better for everyone that joins Craftium reborn

  4. if you have issue with staff member please bring to Angelty or Jess attention thru pm's.  We get back to you in timely fashion

Thread related Rules

  1. If the post/thread been removed a staff member please user private message (pm) feature on our forum

  2. No, Spamming of any kind

  3. No adult/graphic materials of any kind on this server.  this website is family friendly

  4. Keep threads on topic please.  if you want start a new topic please post another thread instead of post in another thread's topic

  5. Please do not post old thread that been dead for couple weeks without a reply. Website Staff member will put the post in a new thread and lock the old post.

  6. No post other servers' ip or other community's websites.  it removed by website staff

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